Luxemburg is the ideal country for hiking trips. As a matter of fact one can hike for hours without meeting anyone in a magnificent nature. This must be the reason why that the slogan of Luxemburg is “Our culture is our nature”!
Each region has its own hiking routes. We are situated in the region of Larochette. The “Nommerlayen” wood is located right behind the camping.

This wood offers one of the oldest and most famous hiking trails of Luxemburg and it is for sure the most spectacular of the Larochette region!
The “N”-hike trail, to be more specific, a round trip, that starts 50 meters uphill, in the wood starting from the Camping.

If you know the history of this region (see Nommerlayen) you will enjoy your journey even more.
The trip lasts between 2 and 3 hours, depending on your pace.
Beware: If you are not used to hike you will feel your calves! 

Hiking trips are organized on a regular basis departing from the camping.

Mullerthal Nommern

Mullerthal Nommern N-1
Mullerthal Nommern N-2
Mullerthal Nommern N-3
Mullerthal Nommern N-4