Sanitary buildings

On the campsite, we have three sanitary buildings. You will find toilets, urinals, and showers for men and women. There is also a separate area for babies. The sanitary facilities at pitches 245 and 78 also have special children's showers.

Accessible sanitary facilities are located near pitch 245. You can collect a key for these facilities at the reception.


Upon check-in, you will receive cards for the showers. As we offer free showers, we credit 10 units (equivalent to 5 minutes) per person per day on the cards. Dishwashing is also possible with the card, but no units are deducted for this.

Private bathrooms

We also offer private bathrooms for rent. Here, you will have a private toilet, urinal, bidet, 2 sinks, a shower, and a bathtub. The cost is €17.50 per day. These are located near the sanitary facilities at pitch 245.