• (Open from April 25 to October 6; the 50-meter pool is heated)
  • Admission Price: €10.00 (Free for camping guests)
  • Outdoor Pool Temperature: -°C*** 50-Meter Pool Temperature: -°C *** Kids Pool Outdoor Temperature: -°C

The Enchanting Waterplayground (Indoor and Outdoor)

Our water playground is an enchanting space designed for children aged 0 to 6 to acquaint themselves with the wonders of water through play. With a maximum depth of just 30 cm, it's the perfect place for aquatic adventures. By blocking small fountains, kids can make the water dance as they wish. In this aquatic wonderland, you'll find a miniature castle, a slide, a play table, a bench, and a friendly rocking horse to enhance the fun. Water flows gracefully through rocky channels, creating small basins where children can experiment with dam-building to control water levels. Parents can easily watch over their little ones from the comfort of the sidewalk bar.

The Playful Pool

Dive into our 35-meter play pool, complete with a lazy river ride, ideal for those who prefer to relax in the water without swimming. The lazy river ride offers a delightful journey that sets off every 10 minutes. Simply go with the flow! The maximum depth of this pool is 1.25 meters, making it a great spot for water enthusiasts of all ages. 

The 50-Meter Pool

Serious swimmers, this one's for you! Our 50-meter swimming pool is a haven for dedicated athletes. Many of our guests use it for training while on holiday, and the best time for uninterrupted practice is before 10 am.

Pool Comfort, Rain or Shine

No need to worry about the weather—our 50-meter pool is heated and open from April 25th to October 6th. Moreover, it boasts a retractable roof, ready to shield you from inclement weather.

The pool is heated from 25 of April till 6 of October.
The 50-metre pool has a roof that can be closed in case of bad weather.

Winter 2023 project

Our 35-metre swimming pool is currently being renovated, see photos below.

Various photos of the swimming pools