Slender You

Slender You is composed of six electrically powered tables.
These tables act on a special part of your body.

  • The “Sandbag” strengthens the lower back and the abdomen. Thighs and hips are strengthen and your skin becomes smooth and tight again.
  • The “Sit-up” table strengthens the back, abdomen and midriff. In ten minutes 90 sit-ups are endured.
  • “Waist-tummy-hip” strengthens the lumbar region, stomach, hips and the back muscles through an up and down movement of the lower parts of the table.
  • The “Stretch” table trains the upper body. Your position will be improved. Upper arms, chest, lumbar region and back will strengthen with this device.
  • The “Relax” table massages the body. Blood circulation is stimulated; excessive water and harmful waste are removed from the body.

What can one achieve with this?

  • Your body is in good shape
  • You feel fit
  • Your muscles become strong
  • Harmful waste is removed
  • The oxygen supply in your body increases



Muscles are forced to crop due to electrical stimulation. This has the consequence that:

  • Harmful waste is rejected
  • Blood circulation improves
  • Blood circulation improves

The advantage of this system is that, aimed at problem parts, can be treated separately.

Per treatment of 6 sessions, stomach and hips can be treated or stomach and bottom or back and bottom.
Different combinations are possible, its is up to you. If you wish to only strengthen your muscles, it is also possible, for example upper arms and chest. 
Every session lasts only 17 minutes, including measuring and controlling you will need 45 minutes.
After six sessions (every 2nd day) you will notice the difference and you will fit into a smaller clothing size.


Sauna is booked on a per usage base, there is no need to book upfront.



Whirlpools are standard in our bathrooms. You can rent the bathrooms for the time of your stay but you can also rent it on a per usage base.
Most of the swimming pools work already with whirlpools, so this might not be a novelty for you.
It is anyway worth while enjoying the relaxation that this can offer.